Overview of the TGSCC-SBD

Approved by voters in 2008 as a “Special Taxing District”:

  • Primary purpose is to provide enhanced security for the District
  • Security includes:
    • private patrols (off-duty City of St. Louis Police officers);
    • enhanced alley lighting;
    • trash pickup;
    • crime/safety education;
    • and other safety-related services to residents living within the District.

Funded 100% by property taxes:

  • Not a CID or TIF (which are funded by sales tax revenue);
  • Revenue received by City of St. Louis in Feb/Mar following the close of each tax year (12/31);
  • Tax rate for 2017 will be set at $0.6644 per $100 of assessed value;
  • Maximum tax rate allowable by law is $0.68;
  • Tax rate increases are the decision of the Board and do not require a vote by taxpayers.

Tax district boundaries are generally bounded by:

  • West: Roger Place;
  • South: Gravois Ave to Phillips/Roger;
  • East: Grand Boulevard;
  • North: Alley between Utah Place and McDonald Avenue.

Board composition is comprised of a 7-person board that is responsible for managing the business and financial activities of the taxing district:

  • Appointed by the Major;
  • Each board member serves a 4-year term;
  • Requires five (5) owners of real property within the District and two (2) renters within the District.