Board of Directors

Board Composition

The Board of Commissioners shall consist of seven (7) members, and shall be appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Board of Alders

  • Five (5) members shall own real property within the District; and
  • Two (2) members shall be renters within the District;

No employee or elected official of the City shall be a member of the Board of Commissioners.

Terms of Office

Each member of the Board of Commissioners shall serve for a four (4) year term, with terms expiring as of December 31st of the designated year or when their successors are appointed as provided herein, whichever is later.

Applying to the Board

Board vacancies are filled upon the completion (or early termination) of existing Board Member terms, and are initially screened by the Board of Commissioners and approved by the Mayor’s office. Prior to consideration, the Application Disclosure Form and Application Parts B & C must be completed and forwarded to the Board of Commissioners.

Current Board of Directors

Board MemberPositionDesignationTerm EndsEmail Address
Kathryn HeitzenroederChairpersonProperty Owner12/31/
Katy Shackelford Vice ChairProperty Owner12/31/
Carrie Koeller SecretaryProperty Owner12/31/
Deborah CohenTreasurerProperty Owner12/31/
Lauren PyattCommissionerProperty Owner12/31/
Dominique LockettCommissionerProperty Renter12/31/
Ken WarnerCommissionerProperty Renter12/31/